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Originating deals, creating deals, executing deals and realising results from a deal, is what we do everyday.
Legal Services
From predicting the impact of regulatory, economic and political shifts on your business to understanding how to future-proof your strategy, we connect your challenges with the right expertise in Legal and across the world.

Financial Services

We speak the common global financial reporting language. Major new standards for financial instruments, revenue recognition and leasing present significant challenges to preparers of financial statements. You'll find the latest practical application guidance from the experts here.

Quality & Certifications

Quality Management (QMS) protects & future proofs your business.

Marketing/Digital Marketing

When it comes to advertising and marketing, we offer brands a turnkey solution and a full-fledged advertising strategy. By understanding, imagining and expressing change, we create simpler, lighter, more desirable ideas for the future.

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Founder’s Note

Before you feel tempted to click on one of our great services, you may want to know why we at Shipyard seem to care so much about your business. For all these reasons, we care about your company and want to see you soar. Our members include trade suppliers, service providers, consultants, brands and retailers. Please remember that, as you check out our great services and start imagining what you’ll receive from Shipyard.

Shipyard CEO 

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We are always open for any kind of cooperation and looking for new promising projects

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We are always open for any kind of cooperation and looking for new promising projects